Investor Alert, 5.5% yield on St Mary’s Island!

It has just come to my attention this 1 bedroom apartment for sale on St Marys Island Chatham for £190,000 which has come onto the market in the past 24 hours.

As a modern block it looks well maintained, with access by electric gates and video security. Such a good standard of property would be sure to impress any potential tenants.

Flats in this area are in high demand and should achieve a rent of £875 or more, with properties generally renting out within a week there shouldn’t be many void periods to worry about.

What makes this more attractive is that average values for flats on this street have risen 26.13% over the past five years. With a respectable yield of 5.5% and the prospect of good capital returns this is definitely worth a look.

The apartment is being advertised by Island Homes Estate Agents who can be contacted on 01634 892828.

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