Another Government error puts landlords rights at risk

Fresh from my news about the Government issuing an incorrectly dated “How to Rent Guide” comes more news that they have made yet another giant mistake.

The revised Section 21 Form 6A that was posted on the Government website earlier this summer, was in fact illegal because it had not been enacted. This is a big concern for landlords that used this version of the document as it could leave them susceptible. I’d suggest that anyone that did use it as part of their tenancy agreement, take some legal advice to ensure their exposure is minimised. 

As a brief reminder to those less aware of the importance of this document, Form 6 can be used to repossess the property at the end of a tenancy; it is part of the issuance of a valid section 21 notice which is the first step in the eviction process. A section 21 notice is commonly known as a ‘no fault possession notice’ as landlords are not required to give a reason for wanting to take possession of the property. Procedurally you simply have to follow every step of the process to ensure the eviction is completed lawfully. Which is why this mistake is so disappointing. 

The MHCLG (Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government) have acknowledged the error and have reinstated the May 2019 version so it is now, once again, safe to use. 

Navigating the legislative landmines of landlordship is tricky enough without mistakes like this and the dating error on the “How to Rent Guide”. It’s yet another fiasco that leaves landlords on the back foot regardless of how diligent they are. 

It reinforces the fact in the current climate, landlording simply cannot be a hobby. You need to commit time and resource to ensuring your investment is protected, or have sound advice and expert help to help you stay on top of it all. If you need any help with the management of your rental property, then you can always contact me or my company, Home-Share. Give me a call on 07944 726676 or email me at


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