My Reflections On Creating Financial Success

Good afternoon readers.

Having recently turned 30 and having enjoyed some successes, I wanted to record my learnings over my years in business. I owe a significant debt to the book ‘The Science of Getting Rich’ by Wallace D Wattles; originally titled ‘Financial Success Through Creative Thought’.

Financial success through creative thought means creating your success through focusing on a powerful vision, backed by consistent action, and following some other core principles. This powerful vision, combined with the constant reminder of it, allows the correct actions to come to you via your subconscious.

The book outlines several other principles that have formed a solid foundation to my approach and by following them, I have been able to build the business that I have today. I thought that I would list out some of the principles that I have found particularly helpful below.

Gratitude & The Importance Of It

Without this, the mind will fall into negative thought, therefore impeding your vision and blocking your path to success. Every day, remember and write down three things you are grateful. This practice will force your mind to stay positive and able to accept opportunities when they arise. You will feel like you have a ‘new pair of eyes’, seeing opportunities that a pessimist could miss.

Giving More Value Than You Take

Make sure in the business that you choose, that you give more in ‘use value’ than you take in ‘monetary value’. This creates a benefit to all parties. One example given in the book, is buying a gun of an eskimo, you may give more money then the gun is worth, but this is not a fair transaction as the eskimo can hunt and sustain themselves using their gun, and has no use for money.

You should make every effort to stop any transaction where you are taking more in monetary value than you are giving in use value.

Have A Creative Manner

In every transaction that you have, it should be conducted in a creative manner so everyone can benefit. Creatively becoming rich, means you become financially successfully in a positive manner, gaining friendship.

Getting rich in the competitive manner results in an unhealthy and unhappy life with many enemies/competitors. If you creatively become rich, everyone will love you and treat you with respect.

This a much better way of being successful, as all parties in every transaction conducted in this manner equally benefit.


Every human desires to increase. In everything that you do, give the impression of increase within your own life. Increase means more growing in the direction that you want to go, whether that be more money, happiness, success, or something else. If you give off this vibe in everything you do, like-minded people will be attracted to you. The more like-minded people you can surround yourself with, that desire increase, the better.

Getting Into The Right Business

You must give everything in the business/employment that you are currently in, even if you are unhappy with that business, as that is the only way to get yourself to the right business.

This means having a strong vision that you contemplate regularly, giving you the energy to give it all in your current business, only to advance to your desired business.

Only by giving your all in your current situation, may you advance to the situation that you desire in life.

I hope you have found this helpful and interesting. I always recommend taking some time to reflect and, if you can, booking regular time to get away from your day-to-day life so as to do so. This will help you to refocus and make sure you remain on the right path.

Perhaps these principles would be a good place to start and assess your approach against. If you are a visual person, perhaps put them somewhere you can see them every day to remind yourself.

I hope to be releasing a one-off podcast at some point in the next month or so where I give insight into each of these areas a little further along with some examples, tips and tricks that have worked for me. I will let you know when this has been released, however for now stay safe and enjoy the remainder of the sun!



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