Gillingham’s Three Cheapest And Most Expensive House Sales During 2022

Hello Readers,

Something that’s crucial for investors to know when looking to purchase an investment property, whether in a new area or an area you have previously invested in is approximate property sale values.

For example, if you are purchasing a property to carry out a refurbishment you will want to ensure you bid at the right price considering the ceiling price for that area and then also considering the refurb costs.

I’ve taken some time aside and, using sales prices for 2022, compiled a report of property values by road in Gillingham using sales data for the period January – December 2022. Please note that I did this manually.

This data may used by an investor to help inform their purchase decision but do bear in mind that where there are roads with no sales during 2022, there will be no data to pull from. Therefore, this is a good indication but does not cover all roads due to lack of sales.

Over the next few articles, I will be pulling together the data for Rochester and Chatham as well as Gillingham and it will be interesting to compare as we go.

Interestingly, out of a total of 641 roads in Gillingham, I was only able to locate sales transactions for 167, meaning there are a significant number of roads where no properties were sold over the past year.

This seems quite a high number, but I compiled data from Zoopla, so unless listings were removed prior to sale we have the full picture. We’ll start with the cheapest three sales and then move onto the most expensive sales.

Cheapest Sale at £87,500 – 5 Herleva Way, Gillingham

Let’s start with the cheapest property, which was sold in July 2022 on Herleva Way. A terraced property and looks like it may be a small apartment.

The statistic from Zoopla is here, however as the listing has since been removed it’s hard to tell any more details apart from this screenshot from street view.

Second Cheapest Sale at £135,000 – 6 Merlin Way, Gillingham

The second cheapest property is a three-bedroom, mid terrace house in Merlin Way. Merlin way is a good rental area, with 58 out of 134 properties within the postcode area being rented. 52 of these from private landlords.

Third Cheapest Sale at £145,000 – 15 Fordwich Green, Gillingham

The third cheapest property is a one bedroom, one bathroom leasehold flat in Fordwich Green, Gillingham. Sold in March 2022 for £145,000, this property is in a prime rental location and with the quest for affordable accommodation, could make a good investment purchase.

The listing for this property has since been removed, so I am unable to locate an image to share.

Most Expensive Sale at £800,000 – 22 Edwin Road, Gillingham

The most expensive sale was this property with three bedrooms, three bathroom and three reception rooms on Edwin Road that sold for £800,000. A tidy sum and the images from the listing have been removed on the property portals by looks.

Joining onto the A2, Edwin Road is in an excellent location and it’s no wonder there are some of Gillingham’s highest price properties along this road!

Second Most Expensive Sale at £750,000 – 9 Fellows Close, Gillingham

The second most expensive property was this stunning five-bedroom, four bathroom and three reception room detached house on Fellows Close which sold for £750,000 in March 2022. Zoopla does not give access to the historic listing, but you can access the archived one on Rightmove here.

According to sales figures, this property has increased in value by a whopping 76% compared to when it last sold in October 2006!

Third Most Expensive Sale at £739,000 – 483 Capstone Road, Gillingham

The third most expensive property was this incredible three-bedroom, three bathroom semi-detached house in Capstone Road which sold for £739,000 in January 2022. You can access the archived one on Rightmove here.

According to sales figures, this property has increased in value by a whopping 76% compared to when it last sold in October 2006!

When we look at house prices in general, you will see how the majority of streets fall between the £200k – £350k range (67%). This is largely as expected and it will certainly be interesting to see how things evolve over the next couple of years!

I trust you found this article insightful – it’s certainly interesting to see the diversity of property within Gillingham itself and I know that, particularly around the central areas, there is great rental demand.

If you would like to access the full list, you can download it from here and do keep your eyes peeled for my articles covering Rochester & Chatham.


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