Rochester’s Three Cheapest And Most Expensive House Sales During 2022

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In the final of three articles looking at the cheapest and most expensive house sales during 2022, this article looks at properties in Rochester and there’s a real mix of property along with gain / drop in value!

To compile this report, I have manually gone through each road in Rochester using Zoopla to record the average sale prices and

Interestingly, out of a total of 598 roads in Rochester, I was only able to locate sales transactions for 116. I have to assume that the properties with no prices were where there was no sale during 2022.

As with the other articles, we’ll start with the cheapest three sales and then move onto the most expensive sales.

Cheapest Sale at £121,000 – 4 Leeds House, Cypress Court, Rochester, ME2 4PU

The cheapest property sold in Rochester during 2022 was this three-bedroom, first floor flat in Cypress Court.

Interestingly, this property was listed in November 2021 for £210k, January 2022 for £195k and then sold in June 2022 for £121k. From reading the ad, this property had just 42 years left on the lease which may be why the price was reduced so much.

I’m not sure whether there was some problem with this property, but that’s a big price drop and you can preview the history from Zoopla here. Not a bad little flat on the face of it, you can check out the archived listing here.

Second Cheapest Sale at £135,000 – 20 Rochester Gate, 214 High Street, Rochester, ME1 1JG

The second cheapest sale during 2022 was at Rochester Gate, which is a retirement complex in Rochester High Street.

This two bedroom, one bathroom leasehold apartment has an interesting sale history as it was sold in February 2020 for £145k, but lost £10k in value between 2020 and 2022.

This drop in value is a bit of an anomaly in these statistics, but the drop in value probably isn’t a surprise as retirement flats are notoriously difficult to sell.

Third Cheapest Sale at £150,000 – 59 Rochester Avenue, Rochester, ME1 2DP

This freehold property (I assume three bedrooms) was the third cheapest sale during 2022.

It’s quite interesting to see the second cheapest sale being a terraced house, but from a quick glance on the exterior (such as that rotten fascia board) I wonder if the property needed a lot of work.

In addition, there is no sale history so it may be that it was a probate sale (though we don’t want to jump to assumptions).

The average sale price for a property on Rochester Avenue is around £250k, so there could be a nice bit of profit in this one if it was purchased as a flip or BRRR.

Most Expensive Sale at £970,000 – Neverland, Crutches Lane, Rochester, ME2 3UH

The most expensive sale in Rochester during 2022 was this stunning five-bedroom, three bathroom detached house with three reception rooms. You can check the listing out on Rightmove here.

This property is relatively near Shorne and since its previous sale for £550k in February 2016 has increased in value by around £186 per day!

Second Most Expensive Sale at £640,000 – Salisbury Villa, Epaul Lane, Rochester, ME1 1SN

This rather regal looking, five-bedroom Grade II listed detached property with an interesting lime green kitchen is our second most expensive sale at £640k. Situated in the heart of Rochester, you can check out the listing here.

There are some interesting sale facts for this however, as it was purchased in March 2017 for £835k, listed in October 2020 for £1.1m and didn’t sell, so was relisted in May 2021 for £800k, with the final listing in May 2022 selling at £775k.

I’m not sure if the listed building status had something to do with the drop in value or whether there were some structural issues perhaps, but it’s not that often you see a property value having dropped over the past five years!

Third Most Expensive Sale at £650,000 – 142 Borstal Road, Rochester, ME1 3BB

This six-bedroom, three-bathroom semi-detached property comes in at the third most expensive sale during 2022. In a relatively central location, the archived listing is here and as you will see, this property looks like it needs quite a bit of work.

This property sold in June 2022 for £650k and a quick check over the planning portal highlights that the buyers went pretty much immediately into some refurb works. I don’t doubt that this will be a stunning property when it’s completed!

Looking at Rochester house prices, you will see how the majority of streets fall between the £200k – £400k range (76%).

I trust you found this article insightful – as with Gillingham and Chatham it’s certainly interesting to see the diversity of property and differences when it comes to sale price. If you would like to access the full list, you can download it from here.


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